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Educators Kit

We are excited to share Oklahoma WONDERtorium's newest educational resource for teachers, our Play Empowers Educators Kit. Whether you are an educator, parent or guardian, you know the potential learning impact of hands-on opportunities often experienced during school field trips.  In an effort to make a field trip to Oklahoma WONDERtorium more meaningful,  we are offering a free kit to help teachers  incorporate an Oklahoma WONDERtorium field trip into existing classroom curriculum.

Each Play Empowers Educators Kit includes: 

Five videos:

An Introduction to Oklahoma WONDERtorium – a video that can be shared with kids before the field trip to begin orienting them with the space and getting them thinking about the ways they will play.

Math in Play:  explores some of the ways analytical skills are engaged in various forms of play.

Literacy in Play: explores how children build their literacy skills during play.

Parents/Chaperones Video: is intended for field trip chaperones. We want to not only empower classroom teachers to help play maximizing learning but first-and-forever teachers, as well.

Play Beyond: a video about taking play beyond the WONDERtorium visit.

Print Material:

Grade-specific WONDERtorium OES Guide:  aligns all Oklahoma WONDERtorium exhibits to the appropriate Oklahoma Education Standards.

WONDERtorium Exhibit Guide: explains each exhibit, what types of play are typical in each exhibit space, as well as ways to engage students with the exhibit and suggested engagement modifications for students with special needs.

Oklahoma WONDERtorium Map: is intended for class use, as an orientation piece for students. Children can use the map to plan their trip, identify areas of interest and discuss their plans. These orientation efforts allow students to enter “play” earlier in their field trip (as opposed to being over-stimulated and in “exploration” mode for large portions of the trip), increasing the impact and learning from the experience.

Ages and Stages: this document serves as a handy reference sheet for parents, chaperones, or substitute teachers, describing what learners are like at different stages and ages.

External Resources List: lists some of our favorite resources on play, child-development and learning.

These kits are made possible by a grant from Sarkeys Foundation and are intended to help educators make the most of their field trip opportunities.


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