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School Age 6+

Earlier this year, we posted an activity for “school age 6 plus” each week. In re-offering these activities, the dates have been eliminated and you can find information on any of the activities by clicking the graphic. To come back to our site, just use the back button in your browser!

10 Science Books 6-9 Year Olds Will Love

Simple Picnic Ideas for Families

Bubble Snakes

Water Balloon Hunt

EXTRA! Here are some really FUN and affordable balloons for your playtime!
Close-up of Super Fill Balloons

The Ultimate Guide to Using Ten Frames

Cup Racing (with Water Guns)

Colorful Squirt Gun Painting

Easy DIY Homemade Moon Sand

3 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun for Kids

2 DIY Board Games to Make with the Kids

NASA Releases FREE Outer Space Activities

How to Build the Best Blanket Fort

Great Dance Party Games

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Lemon Lime Adventures - DIY Spy Kit