Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Indianapolis Museum - Exterior with DinosaursChildren’s Museum of Indianapolis
First listing of the Top 15 Childrens’ Museums in the U.S. (Parents Magazine)

The museum IS open – please read their guidelines as you plan your visit.

This massive facility measures 472,900 square-feet and sits on 29 acres, giving it bragging rights as the largest children’s museum in the world. Exhibits are all about hands-on learning. For example, dinosaur lovers will go crazy for Dinosphere: Now You’re in Their World®, where kids don’t just look at real dinosaur skeletons; they dig for bones and get to touch a T-Rex bone. In fact, there are over 120,000 artifacts for families to check out at this museum, so make it an all-day event (or, if you live close by, spring for a membership and return again and again.)

Exhibits are divided into the following categories:

Indoor – 16 exhibits including…

Young boy on the PlayscapePlayscape (for ages 5 and under) – Explore a world of play and learning alongside your infant, toddler, or preschooler. Watch their curiosity blossom as they discover new sounds, sights, and things to touch and manipulate. Designed specifically for our youngest guests, Playscape® encourages learning through all kinds of sensory play and fun.

Indoor – (3 indoor exhibits)
Also indoors, the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legend Experience described as  Invigorating, enticing, adrenaline-pumping, and legendary—with every single step. With 12 outdoor sports experiences and 3 indoor exhibits encompassing physical fitness and awe-inspiring sports history, you’ll want to book a whole day for your family at the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience.

Chocolate exhibit photo opportunityOutdoorThe Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience

Museum – 16 exhibits that vary from a Chocolate Slide** to a Carousel for kids under 5.
Then, ScienceWorks is an exhibit for older kids where they can explore the work of real scientists like hydrologists, naturalists, and geologists.
** the description says it closes on April 11th but it will still be there when they re-open.

Sports Experience – the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience described above in both the indoor and outdoor categories.

Future the two exhibits below are the “future” exhibits!

Dressing Up
in Dinosphere
Water Table
in ScienceWorks
Andrew Luck
StoryTime Video
Indianapolis Museum - Girl dressed as dinosaurIndianapolis Museum - WaterTable exhibitIndianapolis Museum - Andrew Luck Storytime

Details: Location, Admission, Additional Features

Location: As shown below, the driving distance from Stillwater to the site of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is approximately 10 hours and 42 minutes using I-44 East, US-54 East and I-70 East.

Map to Indianapolis

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
3000 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN, USA 46208-4716
Phone: 317-334-4000

Admission: $12-$35, prices vary daily.
Admission is $5 the first Thursday of each month, 4-8 p.m.
Plan ahead and save!
When re-opened, you can purchase tickets online, in advance.